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Since 2011, we have been supporting various non-profit organizations and child empowerment projects in India and Kenya. We help them to develop communications strategies (websites and brochures), launch self-help sustainability project (social enterprises), visioning, organizational restructuring, fund raising and networking.

There are still many areas of help needed in these projects:

Children's Garden Home, Nairobi, Kenya
Tribal School Project, Jharkhand, India
Tigerland Rice Farm, Chiang Rai, Thailand
Hands Up For Kids, Lamu, Kenya


Nairobi, Kenya


Children's Garden - Annalisa Children's Garden Children's Garden - John Children's Garden - Aisha

This is a home for orphans, destitute children and homeless street kids, situated right next to the Kawangware slum in Nairobi, Kenya. Over 150 children have been rescued to live here. They are provided with a home, education and parental care and love by its founders Moses Ndung'u and his wife, Sylvia. Another 100 children from poor families walk from neighbouring slums to attend the free school daily.

Moses has a life mission to rescue as many destitute children and uplift their lives through love and education. With so many little souls to care for and mouths to feed, with a nursery, a primary and a secondary school to run, Moses faces an ongoing financial challenge.

We initiated numerous self-help social enterprise projects for income generation in 2011. This is a key area that we would like to continue supporting so as to help Children's Garden Home move towards self-reliance, and facilitate the children to be exposed to planning, operating and managing enterprises.

In 2020, we started a Young Social Entrepreneurs Coaching Program over Zoom for six youth from the Children's Garden Home to design and launch social businesses that will create positive impacts on the local community in Kenya.

Talented Bakers
Snaida Barasa & Victor Kibe
Go Green
Beth Wanini & Diana Muthoni
Meridian 101 Kenya
Isaac Arabu & Esther Njoki

Come support them as mentors and social investors - click here.

Jharkhand, India


Tribal School at Kalchiti Tribal School Child Tribal School Child Tribal School Child

This is a tribal social transformation project inspired by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and directed by Mr Brij Chawla, under The Art of Living Foundation. In 1999, at the age of 60, Mr Chawla led a small team of volunteers to build schools and provide free education to tribal children in the remote and poverty-stricken state of Jharkhand in India.

Tribal School Project is about educating the tribal children of today to serve as the seeds of progress, development and enterprise for the future tribal generations. Most of these tribal children are first generation learners in their families and villages. The focus of Tribal School is not merely on academic accomplishment but a holistic development in the tribal child's moral value, eco-consciousness, community-oriented spirit, practical wisdom and spiritual maturity.

A constant challenge is to raise sufficient funds to pay for the ongoing expense of books and school supplies, school uniform and bags, meals during school days, salary of teachers and staff, upkeep of the schools, etc. Now that the children are advancing into high school levels, the immediate attention is to identify relevant vocational training that will pave the way for the educated youth to make a gainful living in the community. We are keen to seed tribal enterprise development that would engage the educated youth to play a significant role in transforming and uplifting the tribal community.

Chiang Rai, Thailand


Tigerland Rice Farm Tigerland Rice Farm Tigerland Rice Farm Tigerland Rice Farm

This is a social enterprise that we co-founded with the Watasittikul family in Chiang Rai, Thailand in 2009. We offer eco-farmstay with experiential learning on rice planting (Jun-Jul) and rice harvesting (Oct-Nov) at our rice farm. Guests will learn not only rice farming but more importantly experience the simple yet joyful farmer's lifestyle, living and caring for Mother Nature.

We hope to contribute towards raising eco-consciousness and promoting understanding of the farmers' life thereby elevating the respect for them who provide food for all of us.

Since 2013, we started numerous community projects to support the local hilltribe communities in Chiang Rai - Projects Raise-a-Library, Raise-a-Piggy and Raise-a-Moo Moo Cow. More details at TigerlandRiceFarm Community Projects.

Lamu, Kenya

Hands Up For Kids Hands Up For Kids Hands Up For Kids Hands Up For Kids

This is a project set up by Ms Monika Fauth to empower children to be changemakers for a better world in the island town of Lamu, by the eastern coast of Kenya. Lamu is an island with no vehicle and the only means of transport are either by foot or on donkeys. Children grow up here with very little exposure to the outside world. There are many children from poverty-stricken families here, who are majority Muslim.

Tigerland Rice FarmMonika's vision is to impart a heightened sense of self-awareness, holistic education and life skills to the children to empower them to be joyful, confident and creative in solving problems. Hands Up For Kids collaborates with school to reach out to the children.

In 2011, we helped Hands Up For Kids to engage students in the "Save Lamu" awareness campaign and also start up social enterprise projects to aid youth earn their way to higher education. We hope to be able to support Hands Up For Kids with more innovative ideas to empower more children and in turn uplift the Lamu community in the long run.



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