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Speech at National Junior College Day's 53rd College Day: "Social Entrepreneurship for a Better World"

14 May 2022 - Alvin was invited back as the Guest-of-Honour to his alma mater NJC on the 53rd College Day. Alvin studied in NJC 38 years ago in 1983-84.



Alvin Yong On Designing Your Life & Social Entrepreneurship

8 Aug 2020 - This was a online interview by Kevin Wee, founder of Rebound with Resilience, for his video channel and podcast series.

Kevin Wee:


A Magazine interviewed Alvin Yong in its Aug 2019 issueAdvocates: Alvin Yong “Whenever I find a social problem, I’ll create a business to solve it.”

A Magazine 30 Aug 2019 Magazine interviews Alvin in its Aug 2019 issue that featured a line of social entrepreneurs.

Gratitude to writers/editors Mary Lim and Marie Wee.

Read story on A Magazine website at



Nearly half the world still lives on less than $7.50 a day. Tigerland Rice Farm, which provides rice-farming eco-vacations, supports hill tribes by helping them create self- help enterprises; Stone Edge Experiential creates social transformations through similar concepts for the poor and disadvantaged in India and Kenya.

“I was first exposed to poverty-stricken communities during an expedition to Nepal in 1984, and later, in Africa during my university days. I was intrigued by how much joy and contentment I witnessed there than in the wealthier society of Singapore.

“In my 40s, I chanced upon Professor Muhammad Yunus, who founded Grameen Bank to reach out to the poor and is the father of social business. His words set me on my path to social entrepreneurship: ‘Whenever I find a social problem, I’ll create a business to solve it.’ This became my mantra.

“My modus operandi is to earn well from my businesses — Avita for wellness products, and, clay-making for individuals and team bonding — so I have no personal financial interests in my social enterprise projects. The social enterprises I design seek to enable sustainable transformations, teaching and equipping the beneficiaries with tools to generate their own income.

“My family first visited Kitt Watasittikul and his family’s Tigerland farm in Chiang Rai in end 2007. We returned twice in 2008 to plant and harvest rice six months apart, and I experienced three eureka moments.

“In June 2008, I asked Kitt’s dad, Father Gun, ‘Who owns all this land?’ He struggled to respond in basic English, but it turned out to be such words of wisdom, ‘Men do not own land. We take care of the land so that it takes care of our family. When it is time for me to go, I will pass on the responsibility to my children, who will do the same.’ I was embarrassed at the shallowness of my capitalist question. This farmer had so much to teach me about how sacred land and nature are.

“When Father Gun brought us to the river, I asked, ‘So many fishes! Do you catch and eat them?’ He responded, ‘Recently, we noticed this river is a little tired. We decided not to fish in it to let it recover.’ I was impressed by how environmentally responsible the farmers are.

“Half a year later, when we were harvesting the rice, my then 10-year- old daughter Robyn told me: ‘Now I know why you say not to waste rice, because there’s so much love — from Mother Earth, the sun and rain, and Father Gun.’ Such a realisation would not have been possible through classroom teaching or watching Discovery Channel!

“I founded in 2009 as a for-profit eco-tourism business. I kept 30 percent revenue share for marketing and business development until about 2013.

“After the business stabilised, I declared it a social business, using my 30 percent share to run social projects for the local village community. The rest remains an important source of income for the Watasittikul family. Now that they are better off, we support the surrounding hill tribe community through projects like Raise-a-Piggy and Raise-a-Moo-Moo-Cow.

“The beneficiaries work on simple principles, for instance, a donation of $60 allows a child to have a piglet, which she will be taught to raise and sell for $300 as a pig. She gives $60 to a selected hill tribe family with schoolgoing children to do the same; this goes on.

“My wife and I took Robyn on a year-long journey in 2011 to experience different cultures. Through our social enterprise Stone Edge Experiential, we started raising awareness for the Tribal School Project in Jharkhand, India; we had Robyn coach the youths in digital photography and PowerPoint presentations.

“That same year, we got to know about the Children’s Garden Home & School in Kenya, a home for orphans, destitute children and homeless street kids. There, we initiated more self-help enterprise projects for the kids. All these projects have changed my outlook in life—that the meaning of living a successful, happy and enriching life is to make our world a better place.”

This story first appeared in the August issue of A.




Play with Clay @ Pottery Studio

18 Jun 2018 - This short film was created by Verlocal for promoting, a pottery studio in Singapore co-founded by Alvin Yong and his pottery teacher Mr Chew Seow Phuang in 2002.

Welcome to Clay-Street Pottery Studio located at:

115A Commonwealth Drive #02-24 Singapore 149596
(5min walk from Commonwealth MRT)



Meet the Man Whose Light Keeps Shining Brighter

25 Jul 2018 - tells compelling stories of people doing good all over Asia to inspire action for a better world. OBW made a short film to tell Alvin's Tigerland Rice Farm story in 2017 (see below). During that filming in Chiang Rai, India-born filmmaker Anshul Tiwari learnt about Alvin's other social initiative with the Art of Living Foundation's Tribal School Project in Jharkhand, India. A year later, Anshul initiated another OBW documentary to tell the story of Alvin's solar classroom experiment that started in 2011 at two Tribal Schools.

Read full story at OBW website

Gratitude to Anshul Tiwari (Director, Producer & Editor) and Archana Borhade (Director Of Photography) for travelling with me to Tribal School Projects in Jharkhand, India.



You Can Enjoy the Magic of a Simpler Life

20 Feb 2017 - This is's first short film that tells the story of Alvin's social enterprise - Tigerland Rice Farm in Chiang Rai, Thailand - through the experience of a farmstay guest Miss Seet Wan Yin.

Read full story at OBW website

Gratitude to Wan Yin and the OBW film crew who travelled with me to Chiang Rai - Josh Lye (Field Producer), Anshul Tiwari (Director of Photography) and Krystal Foo (Asst Producer).



Social Investment: Gift a Piglet

20 Feb 2017 - This short and cute film is part of the above OBW story on Tigerland Rice Farm. Raise-a-Piggy began as a recyclable social investment project in 2014 when 2 friends donated S$360 cash to Alvin for doing good in Chiang Rai. Using the S$360 as "seed capital," it has attracted and been recycled many times over with the Raise-a-Piggy project.

Read more about this simple yet impactful recyclable social investment initiative at website



A Singaporean Abroad Series 2 - Alvin Yong @ Tigerland Rice Farm
Channel News Asia

2014 - A Singaporean Abroad Series 2, episode 7 was a documentary on Alvin Yong @ Tigerland Rice Farm by Channel News Asia. This film was a very complete documentation of this social enterprise that traces back to 2007. Video is also at

Gratitude to the CNA crew who travelled with me to Tigerland Rice Farm in Chiang Rai, Thailand - Lee Wong (Producer), Goh (Videographer), Justin (Sound Engineer).




21 Apr 2012 - Alvin spoke at the Humaneity Inspires, a one-day TED-style event that featured many inspiring social entrepreneurs at the INSEAD Singapore Campus.

In the talk, Alvin shared his ideas and experiences of experiential education projects in Children's Garden Home and School in Kenya ( ) to uplift and innovatively engage the children to develop capabilities and resilience towards sustainability and self-reliance.

Download: talk transcript (pdf)



Clay-Insight featured on JUS! TV Show
Channel Suria TV

13 Jul 2009 - Clay IN-SIGHT was the first social initiative created by Alvin Yong at to support the Visually Impaired from the Singapore Visually Handicapped (SAVH) to learn pottery for free.

Suria Channel Producer Ms Hayati interviewed and featured Visually Impaired Clay Artists in JUS, an info-ed TV show on Suria Channel. We all had plenty of fun doing the filming at SAVH, supported by Angels (aka volunteers) Jane, Lian Hong, Swati and Theingi. No NG at all!



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