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Tribal School in Salgadih, Jharkhand, India
Tribal School Project at Salgadih in Jharkhand, India (2011)
Alvin Yong

ALVIN YONG is a Changemaker who aspires to catalyse the Youth to turnaround today's crisis into a sustainable tomorrow.

He is a Social Entrepreneur who advocates co-creating social businesses to solve social problems, re-design meaningful careers and to narrow the divide between the haves and have-nots.

He is an Artist who dreams the i.m.possible, paints and sculpts a new world of love, joy and abundance.


STONE EDGE EXPERIENTIAL is his platform for changemaking, social business and philanthropic endeavours.


"He is a visionary who can understand the situation at hand and work out a strategy not at superficial level but will solve the problem from grass root."
Mr Brij Bhushan Chawla
Director of Tribal School Project, India
"Everything just happened after 1 day of observing the situation here in Lamu. He started a few projects and got all schools involved in just less than 10 days. He not only made all children in Lamu smile but he became the Best Friend of my own son."
Ms Monika Fauth
Founder & Director of Hands Up For Kids, Kenya
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